Sunday, January 31, 2010

My 1st Entry - PROPOSAL

Senior Self-Directed Project – Proposal

· Description:

o For my Senior Self Directed Project, I will be designing a Fantasy Sports League. This will consist of designing the LOGOS, APPAREL, and OTHER MERCHANDISE for each team and a website for the league as a whole. This league will consist of 10 teams representing different cities of the United States. The logos, apparel and other merchandise will be unique to each of the teams representing the city they are from. Along with samples of Apparel and Stationary a website will be designed to display each team’s info. The target audience for this project will be sports-enthusiasts young and old. Specific deliverables can be hats, t-shirts, jerseys as well as the display of the website layout for the league as a whole. As for Project References I would like to research how design is used in marketing professional sports leagues such as the NBA, NHL, PBA, etc. I would like to explore this aspect of design because I find it interesting to see how it is marketed to an audience and important the business and advertising aspect is to league’s commercial success.

· Goals:

o I would like my project to be an example of the “Power of Marketing”. All of the Logos, Apparel, and other Merchandising are tools to sell various smaller companies of the entire league itself.

· Influences:

o The idea for my “Sport League” was an idea based out of my experience with the growing Hip Hop dance community. As a way to bring an underground genre known as “street dance” to the main stream properly one must devise a way for it to be seen on a regular basis. Before National Baseball leagues and Hockey leagues, sports such as these were played unattended by thousands. As a competitive “sport”, teams or “crews” compete for the audience’s affection. But also at the same time judges are there to critique and/or score the competing groups. Much like gymnastics, we can score based on technique, difficulty, and performance. On television, dance is a growing art form being exposed by the media. As athletes and artists, these people need a league, a place to be seen.

· References:

o Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew – MTV

o Planet B-Boy (2007)

o Sport Marketing - 3rd Edition by Bernard Mullin, Stephen Hardy, and William Sutton

o Branded: Branding in Sport Business by Jason W. Lee

· Deliverables:

o League Website

o Logos for 4 regions EAST, WEST, MIDWEST, and SOUTH

o Logos for 2 teams per region

o 2 Conference Logos

o Merchandise – T-shirt (or jersey), Stationary, Poster Advertisements.

Senior Self-Directed Project – TIMELINE

· January 25

o First Class – Discuss Proposals / Revisions

· February 1

o Proposal Revisions / Begin Research –

§ Watch Sports

§ Find Images

· February 8

o Begin Logo Designs

o Begin Conference Designs

o Brainstorm Website

· February 15

o Continue Logos…

o Website Draft…

o Begin Region Logos

· February 22

o Finish Team Logos

o Finalize Conference Designs

o Revise Website

o Revise Region Logos

· March 1

o Finish Conference Designs

o Continue Revisions on Website

o Finish Region Logos

· March 8

o Finalize Website Design

o Begin Brainstorming Merchandise

o Research Most Common Paraphernalia

· March 22

o Finish Website

o Draft Merchandise

· March 29

o Print Shirt / Jersey – Screen Print

o Create Poster Advertisement

· April 5

o Finalize all.

· April 9


· April 12


· April 19


· April 26

o Present Project.

· May 3


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